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Amy Schumer

Comedy Central's Inside Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is the cousin of New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. She has also been in a few movies and is the star of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer.

In Schumer’s mind, this makes her a qualified expert on gun laws. So like every other Hollywood hypocrite, she regularly shares her elitist, uniformed opinions. Because that’s exactly why people tune into comedy shows, right?

Her most recent anti-Second Amendment episode depicts a home shopping network-type show that rebrands itself as a “gun show” to sell handguns. Of course, criminals and terrorists are shown easily purchasing guns. Needless to say, the sketch was as unfunny as it was untrue. For starters, transactions involving a firearm at gun shows are subject to the same legal requirements they would face outside the gun show. Additionally, selling a firearm online doesn’t eliminate background check requirements, and it’s still a crime for felons to purchase firearms, regardless of the venue or delivery method. Perhaps most importantly, individuals who are on terror watch lists are barred from purchasing guns.

In the aftermath of the radical Islamic terror attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Schumer announced she was cutting a scene with guns in her upcoming movie. Of course, Schumer is fine with firearms when they are used to protect her at elitist Hollywood events or her cousin in well-guarded government buildings. For Schumer, firearms are OK if they are used to protect actors and senators. But for everyday Americans—the ones who buy tickets to her movies and watch her show on TV—well they just aren’t good enough to enjoy the same protection.

Schumer’s elitist attitude is the definition of arrogance. Don’t let her define us! Donate to keep our Freedom’s Safest Place commercials on the air and share them using #NRASpeaksForMe.

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Voice

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Deceit

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