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Chris Matthews

MSNBC's Hardball

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is the host of Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC and the former host of NBC's The Chris Matthews Show (2002-2013). He also often appears as a guest on other MSNBC and NBC programs.

On the issue of guns, however, Matthews has transcended his professional role as a cable news commentator or news analyst to become a full-fledged gun-control activist. He has bragged about "doing his part" for gun control on a nightly basis, and he has used his position to rally his audience against the Second Amendment. For example when he told his viewers to call their senators and "make some noise" in favor of expanded background checks.

Matthews also exhibits a resounding animosity toward gun owners whom he refers to as the "politically nutty." He has said the "next mass shooter will emerge out of this pack" and also implied that the right to bear arms would directly lead to the next assassination of a political figure. He ended that rant with a threatening, "and if you're not against this movement, you're for it."

To Matthews, gun control isn't a debate—it's a personal mission. He will bully his audience and demonize guns and gun owners from his mass media pulpit "night after night" while masquerading as a newsman. But no matter how much he tries to sell his opinions as fact, it will never be so.

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Voice

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Deceit

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