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Lawrence O'Donnell

MSNBC's The Last Word

Lawrence O'Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell is host of The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.

He has also appeared as a political analyst on The McLaughlin Group, The Al Franken Show and Countdown, generally voicing a pronounced left-wing stance and attacks on conservative politicians.

He is a self-described "practical European socialist" and cut his teeth writing for Aaron Sorkin's highly liberal NBC series The West Wing. O'Donnell, makes the distinction that he is not a "liberal" or a "progressive"—just a socialist. Either way, he doesn't like guns.

In 2011, regarding the mass shooting involving Gabby Giffords in Tucson, AZ, O'Donnell said, “I blame the individual for the first 10 bullets! I blame the law for the next 21 bullets that he fired!”

Following a testimony by one of the victims of Sandy Hook against guns, O'Donnell said the victim made a “solid and emotional case about why no one in this country and no one in that audience needs massacre weapons.”

Since Sandy Hook, O'Donnell has taken his anti-gun theatrics to the next level, calling gun companies "merchants of death" and attacking pro-gun advocates such as Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women's Forum. But peel away the smoke and mirrors, and Lawrence O'Donnell is just another MSNBC talking head using spiteful language to attack the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Voice

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Deceit

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