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Michael Moore

Film Director

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, director and writer who notoriously uses his medium (and sometimes award podiums) to push his personal politics with such films as Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko among others.

His documentaries rank among the highest grossing in history due to his unabashed willingness to pull outrageous, exploitative stunts that elicit strong emotional responses from his audience. For example in Bowling for Columbine when he took victims of the Columbine tragedy into the local Kmart and demanded a refund for the bullets still lodged in their bodies. Or when he accepted the Academy Award for the same film and used his acceptance speech to advocate gun control.

But Michael Moore is just a hack. A rich hack, but a hack. He may genuinely be a master of emotional manipulation, but that's the only trick in this pony.

In real life, he may not have grown up in the 1%, but he is now a multi-millionaire Hollywood elite. That fact alone means he cannot credibly relate to all the hard-lucked liberals and victims he supposedly champions. Nonetheless he has leapt into the gun debate following the Newtown tragedy with his same old bag of ... tricks. This time no one should buy it.

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Voice

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It All Comes Down To Our Voice Against Their Deceit

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