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Rev. Al Sharpton

MSNBC's PoliticsNation

Rev. Al Sharpton

For as much as Al Sharpton loves to hear himself talk, the word "shame" still hasn't found its way into his vocabulary.

Case in point: The White House adviser and media manipulator recently used a week of tragedies to try and push his anti-gun agenda, telling a room of African-Americans that the NRA believes "the Second Amendment is for whites only."

Described by 60 Minutes as President Obama's "go-to black leader," Sharpton has become a seasoned professional at fanning the flames of racism for his own personal gain. A famous tax evader, he gained his start in politics under Jesse Jackson and went on to gain prominence through a series of protest marches that he organized to call attention to police brutality and racist violence. Unsurprisingly, Sharpton has never recognized that his divisive rhetoric is a major cause of the violence seen in America’s streets today.

Currently the host of MSNBC's nightly PoliticsNation television program and the radio show Keepin' It Real, Sharpton uses his media exposure to relentlessly attack the Second Amendment. He blames guns for the chronic violence in American inner cities, and his strategy is to combat them by means of mass demonstrations marked by high emotion and no civil debate. He routinely directs unwarranted hatred toward America’s police force and is a root cause of the violence our country has seen in the past weeks.

Sharpton has unsuccessfully campaigned for political office multiple times, including the presidency, on a civil rights platform. That platform, of course, didn’t include the right to keep and bear arms. Sharpton doesn't want the black community to have the right to protect itself. If they did, they'd probably stop listening to him.

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