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Naïve Clingers

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso spent 12 years hunting down radical Islamic terrorists. He knows how our enemies think and that they will stop at nothing to kill innocent Americans. The president knows about this imminent. He hasn’t done anything about it. Our country’s failure to take the problem of Islamic terror seriously—to focus more on political correctness than on keeping Americans safe—shows how weak we’ve become. That’s what happens when the country is run by political and media cowards who cling to their naïve belief that the whole world shares our values. We are at war. And in war, the weak get slaughtered. Radical Islam is evil. We need to take the threat of radical Islamic terror seriously and remove it from our shores by any means necessary.

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In Dom's Own Words

How do you stop a terrorist from waking up tomorrow and shooting everyone in Times Square? That threat is on the president’s desk every morning. And our failure to take it seriously proves how weak we’ve become. That’s what happens when the country is run by political and media cowards who cling to their naïve belief that the whole world shares our values … even when Americans are slaughtered by hate-filled jihadists on our own soil. Radical Islam is as evil, violent and threatening to the future of the world as the Nazis were. It is a tragedy that at a time of such confusion, America is led by people so gutless that instead of identifying the enemy, they distract us with political attacks on the gun rights of the law-abiding. I don’t know what motivates politicians. But I know the rule of war. The weak get slaughtered. And we are at war. I’m the National Rifle Association of America. And I’m Freedom’s Safest Place.

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Don't Let Them Define Us

Our TVs are plagued with the deceitful agenda of gun-hating political elites, a dishonest media and radical billionaires who want nothing more than to fundamentally change our country and take away our Second Amendment freedoms.

The Deceit We Face

"I've watched the NRA pour incredible time and effort into a 19-spot campaign over the past year depicting us for who we really are, 'Freedom's Safest Place.'"


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Freedom's Safest Place

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