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We Don't Need You

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has a message for the elites who huddle in decadent coastal halls, while looking down upon the rest of America: Take your hands off our future! Today, there is no difference between the ineffective political elites, their friends in the media who report on them and the Hollywood hypocrites who bankroll them. America was founded to escape the chains of elitist ideologies. Yet, they have taken over our country. The NRA will fight until it’s taken back. We don’t trust these elites, we do not fear them and we don’t need them. America is built on the backs of the hard-working and the law-abiding. That is who we fight for.

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In Wayne's Own Words

America was founded to escape the elites. But today, they run our country. There is no longer any difference between our politicians and the elite media who report on them … and the Hollywood elites who bankroll them both. They work together in some newsrooms and boardrooms and Washington back rooms … and star-studded, champagne fundraisers … to decide for the rest of us what’s news and what’s not … what’s true and what’s not … who gets protected … who goes to prison … who gets our money … and who gets our vote. These elites threaten our very survival, and to them we say: We don’t trust you. We don’t fear you. And we don’t need you. Take your hands off our future. I’m the National Rifle Association of America. And I’m Freedom’s Safest Place.

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Don't Let The Corrupt Media Define Us

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Don't Let Them Define Us

Our TVs are plagued with the deceitful agenda of gun-hating political elites, a dishonest media and radical billionaires who want nothing more than to fundamentally change our country and take away our Second Amendment freedoms.

The Deceit We Face

"I've watched the NRA pour incredible time and effort into a 19-spot campaign over the past year depicting us for who we really are, 'Freedom's Safest Place.'"


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Freedom's Safest Place

Don’t let a corrupt media define us. Keep our Freedom’s Safest Place commercials on TV and help bring our voice to every living room in America.